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Tamu Samaj UK’s 10th Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 21 May 2017 at Harrow Borough Football Club

This year’s annual general meeting was a great opportunity to reflect on the success of our organisation’s previous year and to set a plan for coming months/year. Some of the highlights of last year include our numerous cultural events, the incredible work done and money raised by Ama Samuha (Mother’s group), our humanitarian projects such as providing relief aids for victims of the earthquake in Nepal and many more.

Many important agendas and future plans/events were discussed with the contribution of our valuable members who were present at the meeting.

Once again, I would like to thank our Executive members, Advisers, Ama Samuha, Youth team, Life members, members and all well-wishers who supported us throughout the past year. We hope that with your continued contribution, we as an organisation can improve and accomplish even more goals than last year.

Tamu Samaj UK
Registered Charity Number: 1150097