Tamu Samaj UK’s COVID-19 response to help community members in UK

Tamu Samaj UK is a charitable organisation formed in 2007 and registered in the Charity Commission on December 2012. Our Executive members, trustees, life members and volunteers are primarily from the Nepalese community. It has delivered some visible and supportive projects. The organisation has launched numerous humanitarian projects to deliver public benefits. Last year we had organised a National Lottery Funded project which aimed to help address the issues of isolation and bring people together. It has also been organising different cultural programmes and entertainment activities. The major aim of the organisation is to address the poverty among the minority and migrated groups and offer different help, advise and support to integrate them into British society.

The Tamu Samaj UK’s main goal throughout the coronavirus pandemic was to ensure that all of our members remain safe. This is an unprecedented time and we’re doing our utmost to ensure that our members understand the guidelines and procedures that are put in place by the Government and NHS.

Recently we received a fund from National Lottery Community Fund to support our community members affected by COVID-19. We would like to give a big thank to National Lottery players for all the support we have received.

We are also lucky to have a brilliant team of over 14 dedicated volunteers who are providing support to community members in different ways especially to the vulnerable members of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Names of those volunteers are Mr Shivachandra Gurung (President), Mr Shiva Kumar Gurung (Vice President) Mr Harka Bahadur Gurung (Gen Secretary) Mr Yam Bahadur Gurung (Treasurer) Mr Chitra Bahadur Gurung (Founder President and adviser) Mrs Bindu Ghale (Chairperson of Mother Group) Mr Suresh Ghale (Member) Mrs Meera Gurung (first lady/ Member), Mr Gyan Bahadur Gurung(Adviser) Mr Arjun Kumar Gurung (former President /Adviser ), Mr Kanya Prasad Gurung (Vice President) Mr Khem Bahadur Gurung (Com-Member), Mr Amrit Gurung (Member) and Mr Karna Bahadur Gurung(Adviser).

After receiving the fund from the National Lottery Fund we have started to assist the community members by providing a safety net for our most elderly community members. To protect the most vulnerable people, we provided essential safety items such as face mask, sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes and hand wash liquid. To ensure our community members have all the necessary information regarding COVID-19 to protect themselves, we have distributed translated guidelines from English to Nepali for clinical awareness.

Our volunteers are in the front line of the community to provide moral supports and deliver essential items during this outbreak. Our team of 14 volunteers are available to help and discuss any specific needs to those who require our services. The affected community members, especially those in self-isolation can request the help directly from our executive members. As of today, our volunteers have visited 56 households and provided advice, help and supports to the elderly members of our community. With full supports of Tamu Samaj UK, this team will continue to work during this difficult time and support anyone who needs help.

During our work in Covid-19 our support team found that most of our elderly members were in good health and well looked after by their immediate family members. With few elderly members reporting minor illness, they are being closely monitored and regularly contacted to ensure they have access to appropriate services provided by Tamu Samaj UK and the NHS.


We would like to thank the volunteers for their selfless act during this adversity and the ‘National Lottery Community Fund for providing funds for this novel cause.

Tamu Samaj UK


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