The Mother Group of Tamu Samaj UK hosted Ladies Night/ Nepali Festival Teej Celebration for women.

Article by Shivakumar Gurung,

The Mother Group of Tamu Samaj UK hosted the Ladies Night/ Nepali Festival Teej Celebration for women. Ladies’ night/ Teej program was held on September 16 at Tamu Samaj UK Naples Community Centre in Wembley Barham Park, London.

Tamu Samaj UK Mother Group committee members, life members and Nepali women from around London were present.

Tamu Samaj UK Mother Group Vice-chairperson Mathura Gurung chaired the programme moderated by Meera Gurung, the Secretary of The Mother Group.

The programme was inaugurated by senior citizen Budhi Kumari Gurung as the chief guest, along with the vice-chairperson of Mother Group, Mathura Gurung, former chairperson Maya Gurung, outgoing chairperson of Mother Group, and Tamu Samaj UK Vice President Bindu Ghale. The First Lady of Tamu Samaj UK, Mina Gurung Gurung, was also in attendance.

Several notable individuals were in attendance at the event, special guests including Hari Gurung, President of Tamudhee UK; Sandhya Gurung, Chairperson of Tamudhee UK Mother Group; Kamala Gurung, Vice-chairperson of Tamudhee UK Mother Group; Siri Prasad Gurung, Chairman of Sopal Samaj UK, Mandevi Gurung, Sopal Samaj UK First Lady, Shivakumar Gurung, President of Tamu Samaj UK, Mina Gurung, Tamu Samaj UK First Lady, Parbati Gurung, Founder Vice President of Sopal Samaj UK, Chandra Devi Gurung, Head of Kone Ghonde Samaj UK, Manisa Dangol, Managing Director of London Fashion House,  Shanti Kanuwar Thapa Magar, former vice president of  NRNA UK,  Asa Bhusal, Managing Director of Asa Fashion House, Durga Gautam, Proprietor of Jayashree Krishna Jewellers, and Senior Citizen Mothers of Tamu Samaj UK.

The Health and Safety Brief Secretary, Meera Gurung, provided a briefing at the event. Maya Gurung, former chairperson of The Mother Group and advisor of Tamu Samaj UK, delivered a welcoming speech. Mathura Devi Gurung, vice-president and acting chairperson of the Mother Group, delivered the vote of thanks.

During the Teej program, Ms. Bibha Gurung, the Treasurer of Mother Group, announced the names of generous donors who provided both physical support and financial sponsorship. She expressed gratitude towards all the donors for their contributions. Durga Gautam, the proprietor of Jai Shree Krishna Jewellers UK, in South Harrow, London, sponsored the first prize in this year’s raffle draw. Uma Devi Gurung, the chairperson of The Mother Group, sponsored the second prize, and Mathura Gurung, vice chairperson of the Mother Group, sponsored the third prize. The sisters and brothers of the Tamu Samaj UK sponsored the remaining prizes of the raffle draw.

The prize for the best dancer, a gold jewel Tilahari, was sponsored by Parbati Gurung, a life member of Tamu Samaj UK and founder president of Sopal Samaj UK. The second prize was sponsored by Tamu Samaj UK Vice President Bindu Ghale, while advisor Jayanti Devi Gurung sponsored the third prize. Other prizes were sponsored by Advisor Dhanmaya Gurung, Advisor Ichchha Kumari Gurung, Former Vice President of Tamu Samaj UK Renu Maya Gurung, Vice President of Mother Group and Mathura Gurung, and Mrs Panja Kumari Gurung.

Om Kumari Gurung was crowned best dancer, with Bishnu Ale and Mina Tamang placing second and third. In addition, Ms. Santa Maya Gurung won the grand  prize in the raffle draw.

During the event, the Tamu Samaj UK Distinguished Social Service Award 2023 was presented to guest artists from Nepal, including the renowned gurung film actor and cultural activist Tara Bahadur Gurung and the creator of original Nepali folk music and culture, Sagar Gurung. These individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to Nepali song music and art, specifically for their efforts in preserving and promoting the heritage of Nepali original and Tamu culture.

During the social service award presentation, the programme was led by General Secretary Dharambal Gurung. President Shiva Kumar Gurung, Founder President Chitra Bahadur Gurung, and Acting Chairperson of the Mother Group Mathura Gurung presented certificates and gave a traditional welcome to the guests.

The guest artists expressed their gratitude to Tamu Samaj UK for the honour they received and were delighted to attend the event. Among the attendees were Tamu Samaj UK President Shiva Kumar Gurung, Founder Chitra Bahadur Gurung, Former President Arjun Kumar Gurung, outgoing President Shiva Chandra Gurung, Senior Vice President Harka Bahadur Gurung, Vice-President Bindu Ghale, Former Chairperson of Mother Group Maya Gurung, as well as many members of the mother group and external female guests.

The Mother Group’s acting chairperson, Mathura Gurung, and vice-chairperson, Meera Gurung, were joined by First Lady Mina Gurung, Vice President Bindu Ghale, former Mother Group treasurer Bimala Gurung, Former Vice President Biju Gurung, Founder President Chitra Bahadur Gurung, the Mother Group Working Committee, Advisors, and male members to decorate the hall for the Teej program.

Notably, Food Coordinator Hari man Gurung, Founder President Chitra Bahadur Gurung, Senior Vice President Harka Bahadur Gurung, Vice President Bindu Ghale, and Maita Gurung former treasurer Udaya Gurung, treasure Khem Bahadur Gurung were also present.

At the event, Rara Caters provided a delicious buffet for all attendees. The vice-chairperson of the mother group, Mathura Gurung, and advisor Biju Gurung served cell roti to everyone as well. We were also fortunate to have the generous sponsorship of water and soft drinks from Kamal Poudel, the managing director of IME London. Kashiraj Bohora, an advisor of Tamu Samaj UK, along with other advisors and life members, graciously donated cash and other items for the program. Gautam Gurung captured the event beautifully through his photography skills.

The festive program began at 2 p.m., and the mother group members who participated and external guests enjoyed dancing and delicious food until 10 p.m. The program’s DJ was Mr. Prajwal Man Gurung, an active Tamu Samaj UK youth member.

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