Appeal for Nepal Earthquake Victims

तमु समाज युके

Tamu Samaj UK

 83 Palmerstone Road, Harrow Bourogh of London HA3 7RH

UK – Registered Charity Number: 1150097, Email:


Date 28/04/2015


I would like to share my sorrows and pain along with you in this difficult time.  As you are aware that the people of Nepal have been very seriously affected by the devastating earthquake. Most of the victims in the affected areas are without the supply of basic necessities of life and are in dire need of help.

Many families have lost their love ones, live stocks and homes and are forced to live in unfavourable places with their children due to continue after shock tremors. The epi- centre of the earthquake, Gorkha is so badly damaged that in one village, out of 1200 houses, only 4 (Four) are left habitable. We would appreciate if you could support our fund raising campaign so that we can provide necessary logistic support to the earthquake victims.

We are currently working on the logistics of helping the rural areas that are being overlooked at present due to major aid focus being on Kathmandu and other city areas. Your generous contributions can help to those affected people of the Nepal.

Tamu Samaj UK is one of the active charitable organisations in the UK – Registered charity Number is – 1150097, formed by ex-Gurkha soldier and their families.

I also like to kind request if you could kindly PLEASE share this with friends, relatives, colleagues and well-wishers so we could maximised the relief funds collection campaign. Your kind support on this matter would be very much appreciated. Feel free to contact us for any queries or for further information.

Contact Details:

Udaya  Gurung (Treasurers) Mob No 07789393814

Gyan Bahadur Gurung (General Secretary) Mob No 07789987627

Arjun Kumar Gurung (Chairman) Mob No 07737831382

Chitra Bahadur Gurung (Founder Chairman) Mob No 07920042697


Tamu Samaj UK Bank details: – Barclays

                                                        Sort code No – 20-37-16

                                                        Account No 93052087


Thank you very much for your help and Support.


You’re sincerely

 ArjunKumar Gurung 


Tamu Samaj UK

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